Over 4,300 gun schematics from 360 manufacturers - on one DVD!

Zoom in to see the smallest gun parts and print them out!


Newest Firearms Guide: 4th Edition brings you amazing Schematics Library with over 4,300 gun schematics (for firearms and air guns) with parts lists from over 360 gun manufacturers. You can search for a specific gun schematic by manufacturer and then choose the model. You can then zoom in the schematic to see the smallest gun parts and scroll the schematics on your screen left-right and up-down to see every part that is bigger than your screen. Every schematic with it's parts list can be printed out on your printer.

This huge Schematics Library with over 4,300 gun schematics covers many more models of guns because very often one schematic is for a few models of guns. Presented schematics are for old and new guns (rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, military guns, black powder guns, muzzleloaders, air guns), from manufacturers that are not in the business any more and from modern manufacturers.

Here is a sample of a gun schematic that is presesented in the Firearms Guide 4th Edition. Click on it to open the actual schematic. Click once more to zoom in FULL resolution (same as on the DVD).



To see how easy is to zoom in and print out any schematic please watch this video for Firearms Guide 2nd Edition that had only 1,500 schematics from 130 manufacturers. This is old video with old figures but it shows nicely how easy is to zoom and print schematics. And remember......new 4th Edition have over 4,300 schematics from 360 manufacturers: